Why Are the Drugs………?

Question by Frickin AWESOME: Why are the drugs………?
That are scheduled, in such an odd order. LSD,weed,DMT, and others are schedule 1. Coke is schedule 2.. and some how xanax is schedule 4????

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Answer by Wade H
Drugs are “scheduled” according to “potential for abuse”. The lower the schedule number the more likely a drug has been determined to be problematic. In the case of schedule I drugs there is no federal provision for any medical use or proscription.

Schedule II drugs are dependence causal, have a medical use determination but are not deemed as serious a threat for abuse as Schedule III drugs. Schedule IV drugs are determined to be even less a threat but have potential for abuse and do cause addiction as well. Etc.

These are somewhat accepted definitions; but there is “controversy” ~ largely from those dependent on said drugs.

Nobody questions such schedules who has tried to interdict a drug deal working the job of Deputy with the Maine Game Warden’s Service and has thus been shot 8 times (then, after he one is disarmed a minute later shot 3 more times, then hours later 2 more times ~ by 3 different gunmen ~ with 13 hours elapsing before hospital) all this by dope dealers. And should any fellow lay wounded like that for 6 or 7 hours while customers stroll though the area used by the dealers buying, and commenting how uncomfortable dying that way must be ~ but not actually lifting a cell phone to make a call ~ as I did in 1980, it’s would seriously seem unlikely that fellow would contend that marijuana is “not dangerously addicting” or has a lower “potential for abuse”, than it’s current schedule implies.

Anyone who has noted the rather obvious effects of distilled THC on a population competing with the cheat who uses and then employs his demon to remove competition from any contest he might face in life from employment to who gets the girl, would expect only fun and games to come from legalization.

Any competent legal mind would advocate for remote testing of all employees and pedestrians in public places by spectrograph analysis of breath for both smoke and distilled THC residues; because not to do so allows far worse criminal activity than speeding, and that is OK to remote test for by traffic camera ~ so why not THC ?

I’m a sober man. If I’m being doped I want to know it. 45 % of the USA NEVER USES. I suspect when we come up against a doper for a promotion all of that 45% wants to know if the competition is squirting distilled THC or date rape drugs into our drinks from 10 feet away so-as to inhibit our performance (I actually caught a fellow worker doing this in one of the factories I worked in once ~ don’t laugh, it ain’t funny, I’ve been shot through the head, the dope if there was any in that squirt from a 2 once oil bottle could have caused a seizure and killed me ~ if there was any, she claimed she was “just pulling my leg, seeing how paranoid she could make me, and seeing if a person could squirt a drink from ten feet away” ~ ). THC is orderless and colorless.

You can’t do that with liqueur, it isn’t orderless, and it’s highly reactive, changing other flavors.

Caffeine and Nicotine aren’t much of a performance inhibitor, so cheating a fellow out of his rightful job isn’t as likely if the dope uses tobacco or coffee.

So, wise up to the ways of the doper, and he looks more like the lying cheat he naturally must be, to compete against more sober and responsible people.

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