Alcohol Consumption Is the Direct Cause of 80000 Yearly Deaths in the Americas

Alcohol consumption is the direct cause of 80000 yearly deaths in the Americas
After combing through each country's death statistics, Monteiro and her co-author Dr. Vilma Gawryszewski found that, between 2007 and 2009, alcohol was a 'necessary' cause of death for an average of 79,456 cases each year in North and South America.
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NSW crime statistics show efforts to curb crime in Kings Cross 'are not working'
The comments come as the NSW Government says statistics reveal a drop in the number of assaults inside the area's licensed venues. The Government says this shows that efforts to address public concerns about alcohol-fuelled violence in Kings Cross are …
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Alcohol statistics not useful when Kebs, users, traders ignore warnings
If the figures John Mututho, the chairman of National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse ( Nacada) is bandying about are true, then Kenyans need to be very afraid. Mr Mututho claims that out of the 500 brands of alcohol sold across the …
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