District 30 News: Maple Students Celebrate New Year in Mandarin Chinese Classes

District 30 News: Maple students celebrate New Year in Mandarin Chinese classes
Students are helping to change the definition of the classroom, from a single room at a single time, to a more immersive environment, according to District 30's Director of Technology, Andrew Kohl. In the classroom, the iPad is used to connect students …
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Spokane County survey finds homelessness is outside the box
The federal definition of homelessness expanded after the recession to include people on the verge of losing their home along with young people struggling to find work and a place to live. Those changes are … She stays with different friends on …
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Parole a distant dream for too many
Adelman said the absence of opportunities for early release deprives many offenders of an incentive to address substance abuse problems. He also said the increased incarceration caused by truth in sentencing sucks up funds that could be used for drug …
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