Does Anyone Know the Meaning of the Video, “Never Too Late” by Three Days Grace?

Question by sarah: Does anyone know the meaning of the video, “never too late” by three days grace?
I saw it on TV and im not really sure what the message is. if anyone could help i’d appreciate it!

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Answer by Kenzie Danielle.
The front man of Three Days Grace explained the music video in an interview. Basically, the little girl in the video shown at the beginning is the same as the girl in the mental institution where she is being held for drug abuse. The video continues to cut back and forth between the little girl and we also see a man with a striped sweater holding the girl, he’s actually a molester who caused the girl her future drug abuse and suicide attempts. Then we see a winged black creature with the little girl. The winged creature is seen by some as her guardian angel trying to protect her from the man in the striped sweater. In the end, she finally commits suicide and the guardian angel helped her because he realized it was the only way to make her happy.
Hope I helped.

Answer by LadyCash
This song’s meaning was explained by Three Days Grace frontman, Adam Gontier, at a live performance on March 7, 2007 at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., where he stated, “this song is about being in a very dark place, but being able to see a way out.”

Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace doesn’t just write about how he overcame his struggle with inner demons, he gives kids a reason to do the same.

“If you were given the opportunity to turn your life around, if someone looked you in the face when you had no hope left and said- ‘This is it my friend. Your grace period is almost up. You have three days to do something to turn your life around. Three days to put down that bottle, throw away those pills, make your amends, and move forward with living. What would you do? How would you use your Three Days of Grace?”


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