Interesting Facts on “Changing Someones Life”?

Question by Rachel?: Interesting Facts on “changing someones life”?
I didnt really know how to word my question, but i found this on a myspace profile:
[5,388] youths are arrested.
[4,219] teenagers got an std.
[3,610] teens are assaulted.
[80] are raped.
[2,861] teens drop out of school.
[1,377] teenagers become mothers.
[1,106] teenage girls get an abortion.
[1,000] adolescents began drinking alcohol.
[500] adolescents began using drugs.
[420] children are arrested for drug use.
[6] commit suicide…
in one day.
lets make somes life a change

Can you tell me anymore facts like the ones above? thanks.

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Answer by ThaTaz
I always doubt the kind of “facts” that you posted since there is no source. I’ve seen “facts” like that that has spread all over the internet, blogs, forums, groups, mail and so on. With no source it might as well be something that someone made up, in many cases it is, all with a good intent of course. Searching the facts you posted with Google I found them on 6 360 pages. I’ve looked through some of them (picking them randomly) and I can’t find anyone that posts a source. The list also changes from list to list sometimes there is more on the list, sometimes it’s children not teenagers and so on. It’s sad really, if the list is real and factual then it loses credibility because it lacks a source.

This site lists different statistics about teenagers and they list the sources too:

This page has a list of articles about teens and alcohol and drug abuse:

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