Put Alcohol Abuse on the Agenda to Combat Violence Against Women

Put alcohol abuse on the agenda to combat violence against women
“Many of our acts of fatal and non-fatal violence occur after alcohol and drug abuse, especially fights, some types of homicide and rape. Many victims of violence are also rendered vulnerable by alcohol. In a vicious cycle, victims of violence often …
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Army researchers build portable 'fake pot' detector to curb designer drug abuse
26, 2013 ) — Army researchers are building a portable drug detector that, soon, could help military and civil law enforcement agencies throughout the country more quickly catch synthetic drug abuse. … "But there are hundreds of synthetic cannabinoid …
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Music Can Cause Drug & Alcohol Cravings, Says Aussie Study
Which leads to the second and third study, which looked at people who were in treatment for substance abuse problems. Dr Dingle's research showed that specific types of music could trigger cravings for drugs and alcohol – labelled as 'dangerous' music.
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Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees – Substance abuse is a huge, worldwide problem. In the United States alone there are over 50 million binge drinkers, 17 million illegal drug users and almost 1…