“Cruel and Inhumane Treatment” Grounds for Divorce in NY?

Question by : “Cruel and inhumane treatment” grounds for divorce in NY?
Hello everyone, I am in the process of getting divorced in NY. As you may know NY doesn’t accept no-fault divorces. Our relationship deteriorated over time. Her alcohol problem got worse and she started to banging the stuff around while we argue. Do you guys think that qualifies for “cruel and inhumane treatment”.
Thanks a lot
She agreed with the divorce stuff so it will be uncontested. I am trying to give the judge just enough information to proceed with the divorce without writing a novel about our marriage.

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Answer by thatartistwin
No. Sounds like you are picking at straws trying to come up with something to nail her on. I suspect that her alcohol problem got worse with the failing of her marriage. Take responsibility for your part in that.

Answer by Captain Obvious
No.. I don’t think it does.

But if you really want a divorce… you’ll fine a way to make it happen. Even if you have to lie and/or plant things. In the end its your word against hers and who will believe a violent alcoholic druggy?

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