Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!! Im So Scared???????

Question by Jenny: please help me!!!!!!!!!! im so scared???????
everytime i wake up,my heart is racing. i check my pulse its goin fast. i used to make myself purge awhile back,but i stopped. im eatin regular now. i dont have nightmares eveytime my heart does that. in august of lasy year,i abused otc drugs(sometimes i’ll take them at the same time.) but i stopped after the first week. im scared! please help!i’ll tell my doctor everything(including stopped breathing when i first try to go to bed) im not overweight. what can i do to strenthen my immune system and my whole body(internal?) the last thing i took for a cold was back in october of last year. between there and december 13,i didnt take anything. the last thing i took,was 2 teaspoons of that liquid laxative(i used as directed) havent taken anything else. not even when i caught the cold again. i ate,rested,and drunk some orange juice.

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Answer by U Shoulda bought a Fern instead
What you are describing sounds like a form of Sleep Apnea. Everyone experiences a mild form of sleep apnea every now and again. Normally our bodies let us know when to start breathing again. Your body freaks out and wakes you up even though you were never really in any danger. One of the best ways to do that is your pulse to speed up. ~ Atleast, that’s what it sounds like in my layman’s experience.

You can ask your doctor about it, and he’ll probably want to do a sleep study over you to make sure.

It’s also possible you are having nightmares that you just aren’t remembering. Even if we wake up in the middle of them we don’t always remember our dreams. Go to your doctor and explain.

Echinacea is a good herbal remedy for immune system booster. St. John’s Wort is a good one for your mood. Goldenseal is also a good health booster. They aren’t insta-cures for when you get a cold. They are more like a little added help that you take daily to assist in cold prevention.

Answer by pretty
This might be anxiety, I used to do that but don’t anymore, the thing that can help most is moderate exercise to prevent anxiety and make your body tired.

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