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Bain Capital Sees Opportunity in Methadone Clinics

Bain Capital sees opportunity in methadone clinics
Methadone is often stigmatized, he acknowledged, but for some addicts — when it's used in combination with counseling and other treatments — the substitute drug makes a dramatic difference in their lives. “Methadone will allow you to go from a …
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Research Paper About Drugs….?

Question by feefee: Research Paper about Drugs….?
So I have to write a research paper about drugs: its effect on people, facts about it, and real life stories.
I need some websites to cite like :
I want websites that talk about how many people are affected by drugs worldwide/or in America ( which would be facts about it).
Any website that would show the effects of it or anything interesting about drugs like real life stories.
Please give me links, thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by clUeLesSpErSoN!
how about interviewing people and there experirences with drugs. Get there side of the story.

Answer by pj
I would check out the sites listed at this subject directory ( I typed in the search box “drug addiction”

The Addiction Recovery site includes a message board with real life stories:

HHS Leaders Call for Expanded Use of Medications to Combat Opioid Overdose

HHS leaders call for expanded use of medications to combat opioid overdose
The authors stress the value of these medications and describe reasons why treatment services have been slow to utilize them. The reasons include inadequate provider education and misunderstandings about addiction medications by the public, health care …
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Boston to shutter drug treatment facility
The move is designed, in part, to shift $ 300,000 in city spending on the clinic to the proposed Office of Recovery Services, which Mayor Martin J. Walsh envisions as an umbrella agency to address a wide range of substance abuse and prevention needs …
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The Revolution Begins – Alexander the Great in a letter to his mother described Punjab as “the land of a leonine and brave people, where every foot of the ground is like a wall of s…

Wake Up Call? Crystal Meth Addiction?

Question by : Wake up call? Crystal Meth Addiction?
I’m 17 years old, fatherless, pretty much raised myself and everything I’ve done in life I did it myself because I had no one to turn to.

I’be been abusing drugs since I was 12. I smoke weed everyday, I used to take acid every weekend, I used to take a lot of pills, drink alot of cough medicine, prescriptions, anything I could get my hands on.. and just recently I was offered meth for the first time (where I actually considered it) It was offered many times before, but I just never went near it.

I’ve been smoking crystal meth for the past 5 days straight. I’ve smoked atleast a gram to myself over this 5 day period, I feel like shit, its coming down and I never want to go near it again because I can not stand what I feel like after. But I have a feeling I’ll want to do it again when I’m not coming down, but I’m not going near it.

Candidates in Contest for Governor Striving Hard for Visibility

Candidates in contest for governor striving hard for visibility
Kelly made strengthening the city's substance abuse support network a cornerstone of his campaign. “It's one thing to know it clinically, it's another thing to learn it from the other side,” Avellone said. And while they have talked about drug …
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Synanon's Sober Utopia: How A Drug Rehab Program Became A Violent Cult
So in 1958 Dederich decided to form his own group that, unlike AA, embraced all kinds of addicts. He first called his group the Tender Loving Care club, but soon after … When it came to getting addicts clean, the program rejected any form of …
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Working With the Vatican Against Modern Slavery

Working with the Vatican against modern slavery
Today, all the world knows that this was more than a symbolic statement by Pope Francis, but rather the start of a mission that is now an example to the world. … Whether it comes in the form of a young girl trapped in a brothel, a woman enslaved as a …
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Mayo positivity a shining example
In March, the GAA also filled news pages as Clare hurling manager Davy Fitzgerald spoke to third-level students about the dangers of drugs, acknowledging that the problem had entered the team dressing-room a couple of years back. His message to these …
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