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Prescription Abuse Skyrocketing, Leading to More Heroin Addicts, Experts Say

Prescription abuse skyrocketing, leading to more heroin addicts, experts say
District attorneys, health officials and substance abuse experts gathered May 7 in San Francisco to discuss the growing problem of prescription abuse and come up with strategies, including requiring the use of drug databases and more aggressive crackdowns on 'dirty doctors. Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


Prescription drug addicts 'are adept' at fooling GPs
Most of the people Dr Alun George treats at Bradford’s Unity Centre are seeking recovery-based treatment for class A drug use – but he also sees people who are dependent on . Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


National Prescription Drug Drop-Off Day is Saturday
Clean out your medicine cabinet to help reduce the misuse or accidental use of prescription drugs. Saturday, May 10 is National Prescription Drug Drop-Off Day, an event organized by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and supported by Police Services and other organizations across Canada. Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results

Police Agencies Working Together to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Police agencies working together to prevent prescription drug abuse
But sometimes when prescriptions lie around unused or expired, they can end up in the hands of those they are not intended for. When expired and unused prescription medication is left unattended, it can lead to prescription drug abuse. Police agencies …
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Three Middle School Students In Stable Condition After Overdose
According to the NIDA, health risks include: addiction and elevated , heart rate, and respiration. In high doses, stimulants can cause irregular heartbeats and dangerously high body temperature, heart failure, or deadly seizures. Some …

Police departments hold joint forum for parents on escalating drug use
But misuse can lead to a more physically harrowing addiction: heroin. According to the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, since April 1, there have been 14 heroin-related deaths in the county, four of which have occurred in the northwest communities of …

Are Parole Officers Allowed to Do This?

Question by : Are parole officers allowed to do this?
I live with friend who is on parole earlier today her parole officer stopped in on a surprise visit and said that she needed to search the house. They went though her stuff as well as mine which is no problem. What bothers me is when the entered my room where I was at the officer frisked me which was a bit embarrassing.
My question is: are they allowed to search me like that?
My friend is on parole and 1 of her charges was a drug charge could that be why the frisked me?

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Answer by ladystang
don’t think so. why did they search your stuff?

Harford Co. Disposes Unused, Expired Medications

Harford Co. disposes unused, expired medications
More than 300 people participated in Harford County's Take Back event last Saturday, which helped to properly dispose 1,389 pounds of unused and expired medicines. Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


Bain Capital Sees Opportunity in Methadone Clinics

Bain Capital sees opportunity in methadone clinics
Methadone is often stigmatized, he acknowledged, but for some addicts — when it's used in combination with counseling and other treatments — the substitute drug makes a dramatic difference in their lives. “Methadone will allow you to go from a …

Prescription Drug Take Back Events Hold Hope for Permanent Drop-Off Locations

take back events hold hope for permanent drop-off locations
Two-thirds of prescription drug abuse in Colorado is tied to unused drugs lying around our homes, according to the state's attorney general. Police in Southern Colorado held drug take back events on Saturday (4/26/14) to try to stop that problem. It's the eighth time Colorado's held a drug take back event. Law enforcement has held the event every six months for the last four years. Every so … Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


Second nation drop-off day declared
Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney recently joined member of Parliament John Weston (West Vancouver – Sunshine Coast – Sea to Sky Country) to declare the second national prescription drug drop-off day on Saturday, May 10. Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results