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Police Agencies Working Together to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Police agencies working together to prevent prescription drug abuse
But sometimes when prescriptions lie around unused or expired, they can end up in the hands of those they are not intended for. When expired and unused prescription medication is left unattended, it can lead to prescription drug abuse. Police agencies …
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Three Middle School Students In Stable Condition After Overdose
According to the NIDA, health risks include: addiction and elevated blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. In high doses, stimulants can cause irregular heartbeats and dangerously high body temperature, heart failure, or deadly seizures. Some …

Police departments hold joint forum for parents on escalating drug use
But misuse can lead to a more physically harrowing addiction: heroin. According to the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, since April 1, there have been 14 heroin-related deaths in the county, four of which have occurred in the northwest communities of …

Olympia City Council Creates 5 Drugfree Zones

Olympia City Council creates 5 drugfree zones
Offenders could face an extra two years for dealing drugs in these zones, but will also have more incentive to seek drug treatment as part of sentencing, according to Thurston County Prosecutor Jon Tunheim. The ordinance passed 5-1 at Tuesday's council …
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Free dermatology drug samples come at a cost
Because the bulk of the drugs prescribed by dermatologists in the database were more expensive, the total cost of treatment per visit was also higher. Dermatologists in the national database prescribed an average of $ 465 worth of treatments per visit, …
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Why Am I Addicted to Revenge?

Question by Kaleb13: Why am I addicted to revenge?
I can’t control it. It fills my blood and boils my brain.

Nearly every time I feel I have been wronged, no matter how minor the situation is, I feel I need to get even somehow. This has caused me to commit acts of violence and verbal abuse out of pure impulse without any pre-meditated plan. Normally if I get revenge of something that has happened long in the past, it wasn’t necessarily a plot, but passive aggressiveness past its boiling point that caused me to act out impulsively. Any kind of plans I ever made for violent and torturous revenge were never carried out in real life when I came to my senses.

Drug Abuse Spurs Most Criminal Cases

Drug abuse spurs most criminal cases
Heroin and prescription drug abuse is a statewide epidemic, and locally, it is the catalyst behind nearly all of Seneca County Prosecutor Derek DeVine's criminal cases. Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


Senator Pat Toomey Discusses Prescription Drug Abuse in Delco

Senator Pat Toomey discusses prescription drug abuse in Delco
Attention toward the county’s prescription drug abuse problem was the focus of a roundtable discussion at the Ridley Township Municipal Building on Wednesday morning. Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


Girl Scout works to eliminate prescription drug abuse in Tewksbury
A permanent prescription disposal box has been installed at the Tewksbury Township Police Department. On hand to dedicate the new box are (from left) John Kuczynski, chief of detectives of the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's Office; Tewksbury Township Administrator Jesse Landon;… Prescription Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


Operation UNITE Drug Prevention Program 'on the Move' in Eastern Ky.

Operation UNITE drug prevention program 'On the Move' in Eastern Ky.
PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) – Some students at Johnson Central spent Thursday learning about drug prevention outside of the classroom. The new program offered by Operation UNITE aims to educate students while also collecting data so they can focus on …
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Drug sniffing dogs led through Lacey High School in drugprevention effort
LACEY — Authorities led drug-sniffing dogs through the corridors of an Ocean County high school. Today's search of Lacey High School is part of Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato's efforts to curb drug addiction. There have been 104 drug overdose …
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Is anastrozole the new breast cancer prevention miracle drug?
The researchers who conducted the double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled drug trial said the drug anastrozole may be a new option for breast cancer prevention for some women. "The results shown here are as good as we could have hoped for," said …
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