Addiction Causes: Understanding Self Medication and How I Lost My Sister to Substance Abuse – Huffington Post

Causes of Drug Abuse: Addiction Causes: Understanding And How I Lost My Sister To Substance Abuse – Huffington Post
By the 1970s, the theory of self-medication formally arrived, and immediately caused a storm of controversy because it challenged views then held by the medical community and law enforcement that attributed drug abuse to … whose cause of death will …
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Causes of Drug Abuse: Drug deaths surpass car accident fatalities –
Prescription drug abuse is now considered the number one cause of death among Florida residents. “Sometimes if it doesn’t affect us- then we don’t know or care,” says Southwest Florida Addiction Services Program Director Alex Garcia-Barbon.
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Causes of Drug Abuse: The Dangerous Side of Prescription Drugs – cosmopolitan
It will take time for autopsy results to come back with the official cause of Whitney Houston’s death … According to Dr. Muncie, prescription drug abuse has been on the rise over the past five years—and now it’s out of hand.
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