Addiction Rising: Pakistani Youth, High Going on Higher

Addiction rising: Pakistani youth, high going on higher
… Drugs and Crime while launching “The Drug Use in Pakistan 2013 Survey Report” here on Tuesday. The national drug use survey, conducted after ten years, is lined with worrying facts and figures, and insights into the region's current geopolitical …
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Prohibiting Gay Marriage 'Tortures People Needlessly,' Says Weed-Legalizing
While Uruguay's president grabbed international headlines for legalizing the government-controlled production and sale of weed to registered users, Mujica also presided over the legalization of abortion and gay marriage over the last two years. In an …
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Legislators Debate Uneven Marijuana Laws
“[He] was unable to identify the annual rate of deaths in our country resulting from marijuana overdoses, and had to be badgered into confirming basic public health facts,” Connolly said. … I just want to find out what these statistics mean, because …
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