Addiction to Unhappiness?

Question by Crofton S: Addiction to unhappiness?
I am an only child, raised by two full-time working parents. I was emotionally neglected and only learned from my parents examples. They both had what most people call jobs, not careers. Needless to say, my parents were never “happy.” Now don’t get me wrong, my parents didn’t have many problems (never argued, no drug or alcohol problems, infidelity was never an issue, etc, etc). They just lived their life. Never looked forward to anything but their days off, and even then just relaxed. Nobody ever showed me how to be happy. As a preteen, I developed emotional issues (depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc) and by 16, I dropped out of school and wound up in a short term pysch ward for attempting suicide. After my hospitalization, I hurt myself to deal with life. Well, I moved out and things improved. I met the love of my life, started college, and started finding myself. Soon after, I became depressed again and didn’t know why.
Since, I’ve simply been fighting with myself, trying to reason with an unreasonable self. I get depressed so easily and about the silliest things. I’m starting to realize my moods are simply so unstable that I quickly fall to a low mood, maybe because it’s easier to maintain. Silly question, but how can I let myself be happy? How can I find things I enjoy? How can I save my good mood when I feel it slippin’?
I am 21 and married. I have been on meds before, but messed with me pretty badly. I’m very leery of them now.

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Answer by Lauren B
have you tried medication? how old are you? need more details…

Answer by kittykatB4
OK trust me please, im not crazy, but i could give u a long explaination but it would not be as good as the one you will get if you go out and buy the book called “A new earth” by echkart tolle. Trust me if you take this serisouly it will change your life, it made me a much happer person!!

Its only like 8 dollars too, please do it
Dont go on medication please!

There is a way to find happiness in yourself, im not trying to sell something here. this book changed my life!!!!| Please email me if you end up with the book i would want to hear if it worked for you..