Alcohol Withdrawal: What to Do


Alcohol Withdrawal: What To Do – It can be annoying to have side effects when you quit drinking. For general knowledge on alcohol withdrawal, what it is, does and how it happens http://alcoh…


Clinical trial indicates gabapentin is safe and effective for treating alcohol
A newer drug, acamprosate (Campral®), the only other medication approved by FDA for alcoholism treatment, does aim to normalize dysregulation in brain stress systems following acute withdrawal, similar to gabapentin. But it has shown only modest …
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They teased out complex issues around innovation, commercialisation, patent protection, risk management, and the role of government in research. Australia's standing in medical and …. We're feeling our way for a balance between the opportunity and …
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9 Responses to “Alcohol Withdrawal: What to Do”

  • germaniski90:

    Can alcohol withdrawal cause depression and anxiety?

  • Ed11Morgan:

    Those are two of the most common alcohol withdrawal symptoms

  • cristian Rm:

    what is commonly prescribed for alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

  • Vaylor9:

    Does anyone else ever get the hot and cold chills and sweats with a

  • xLethalSnipez:

    Should I seek medical help for my alcohol withdrawal symptoms?

  • Ed11Morgan:

    Normally doctors will prescribe anti-anxiety medications

  • Corey . Eymann:

    you kidding me? those sound like withdrawls from pot. Try: heart
    palpatations, panic attacks, extreme shaking/cold sweats, skyrocketing
    blood pressure, delirium tremens (tripping balls), seizures, stroke, heart
    attack,death. Also there is a kindling effect, the next “detox” will be
    worse than the last. I knew someone who went blind after he had a withdrawl
    seizure. seek medical help to detox.

  • Yaseen Salah:

    I love alcohol.

  • Dave Davidson:

    alcohol withdrawal is a horrible experience,a very humbling one at that,it
    takes days and days to fully recover from a bad withdrawal…