Alcoholism Essay Help (10 Points)?

Question by : Alcoholism essay help (10 points)?
I am trying to figure out a concluding sentence for my research paper on alcoholism. If any of you could help me that would be great.
I summarized alcoholism as a whole. If it helps, here is my outline.


Paragraph I: Introduction

A: What is Alcoholism?

B: (cite:

Paragraph II: Cause & Short Term Symptoms

A: What are the causes of Alcoholism?

B: Short Term Symptoms

Paragraph III: Long Term Symptoms & Treatment

A: Long Term Symptoms

B: Treatment

Paragraph IV: Conclusion

A: Cause & Short Term Symptoms

B: Long Term Symptoms & Treatment

C: Thoughtful ending sentence

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Answer by Haley R
Well, it’d be better if I was able to read the paper..
but maybe say something like “Alcoholism affects more than just the alcoholic, it affects all of those that are around the alcoholic.” or maybe if you have different points of what alcholism is.. you could say, “__, __, and __ are all signs of alcoholism.” or maybe, “There are countless ways to seek help for alcoholism, such as Alcoholics Annonymous, Rehabilitation Centers, and even organizations found in your very own city.”

Answer by Elmer F
How can WE conclude what YOU found during YOUR research?

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Do You Know a Functional Alcoholic?
yes, my husband. he was a very functional alcoholic. he always went into work everyday, never missed work or called out, was always on time, BUT the minute he came home he would drink and drink until he passed out. Everyday, he would go into work, and …
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    I’m 26 and I’m obviously a full blown alcoholic. I drink a fifth to more
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    I drink almost everyday, does that make me an Alcoholic??

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    I know exactly how you feel. That was me. I used to think it was only
    ‘other people’ who could give it up. Like the difference between me and
    millionaires. But it’s you. You can actually do it. Your past is no
    indication of your future. Trust me bro, get along to A.A. and just see
    what happens. You don’t have to do it on your own.

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    Alcohol-free is a blessing.

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    Whenever i do drink. I only drink 3 beers at a time. And 4 tops. Would that
    be considered alcholoism, if i do it every other night.

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    I know a man who was able to quit drinking by taking niacin. I can’t
    remember the dosage, but he said niacin saved his life.

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    And then video after this is “How To Detect the Signs Of Depression”. it’s
    Pretty much blowing it out of proportion, Theres only one thing you need to
    do to stop drinking cold turkey and that is to start crack.

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    great insight on the video. if you’re seeing signs of alcoholism, seek help.

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    There are many factors to review in order to recognize the signs of
    alcoholism. Most of these are presented in this video. Great job.

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