Am I Violating Yahoo Community Guidelines With This Answer on Disease?

Question by berrybrigerre_1: Am I Violating Yahoo Community Guidelines With This Answer on Disease?
A woman asked a question about stage 2 cancer. She pleaded for help as she asked multiple questions in her additional details about how to address the problem. Can you tell me if my response was deserving of “report abuse” by a Yahoo user other than the woman. If I am violating guidelines in any way, then I gladly appreciate an eye opener. Here is the response below: (skim if you like, but point out any violations of Yahoo).

I don’t mean to sound harsh or insensitive, but yes, melanoma is deadly. And, because it may be in the lymph nodes makes it even more deadly. Melanoma is a malignant cancer, which means it only gets worst overtime and when it spreads to other tissues, such as lymph nodes, that gives it easy access to the immune system and other tissues of the body. The immune system is what defends against cancer, so you definitely don’t want it spreading here! People with stage 2 melanoma have a 50% to 80% percent survival rate for 5 years, which means they will still be alive after 5 years if they are in the 50% to 80% category. However, you said that it was stage 2 melanoma, so that means–by medical definition–that it has not spread to lymph nodes, yet! In order for it to be classified as lymph node melanoma then there has to be certain characteristics in place and they include: area, border, color, diameter, and elevation of the cancerous node.

This is called the ABC’s of skin cancer. Know what they are before allowing doctors to rush him on chemical or radiation therapy. You need to see tests results that match up with your research, write it down. Even take note on what the doctors are telling you. Ask lots of questions about your findings. This way you and your husband can use your better judgement and know your options more explicitly. Learn all you can about stage 2 melanoma skin cancer and lymph node melanoma–SPECIFIC drug treatment and drug options, drug complications, pharmacology of this drug, other treatment options that are less invasive, etc. Take charge in this situation because you have to consider that it may not have the outcome you’re hoping for!

More than likely, however, they will give him a radioactive isotope (tracer) to identify the cancerous tumor in his lymph nodes. Radioactive isotopes are not without the risk of side-effects though. So, before they do that make sure you know ALL of your options! Luckily though, because they have removed the tumor from his leg and it is only stage 2, then, in my opinion, he has a great chance of survival ONLY if he changes his diet and start exercising. Raw fruits and veggies as well as certain supplements that boost the immune system and are not contraindicative of cancer, can have profoundly good effects on his survival and remission rate.

P.S- The answer above, by Dr. Dhananjay Bhupathi, is good! Very good immune boosters! However, if you decide to take this route then search for these supplements interactions with stage 2 cancer: side-effects, how long to use, how much for his body-weight/age, interactions with specific foods, etc. Also, you can check into chlorophyll, garlic and Co enzyme Q10 (very powerful cancer fighters). He must stay on ONLY fruits and veggies for his healing, specifically, fruits and veggies that are high in antioxidants. Eat only organic foods or, if not organic, then wash the pesticides off off his food with water along with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. It is okay to have essential fats though (olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, [no canola or corn oil] etc). It is also very important that he keeps chemicals off of his skin (bleach, dish liquid, etc). Use chemical-free or organic agents.

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Answer by James
It seems to be a decent answer. Instead of talking about it here (which is kinda a violation in of itself), appeal to Yahoo! Answers and tell them why your answer is okay.

Answer by Denisedds
First of all, Dhananjay Bhupathi is not a real doctor it is obvious to anyone who reads his answers.
Second diet and exercise have little to do with cancer and nothing to do with skin cancer.
I have no idea if any of that even addresses the woman’s question(s).
Appeal the issue if you have a problem with it.