Are Certain Types of Drugs Non-Addictive???!!!?

Question by Aboodz: Are certain types of drugs non-Addictive???!!!?
One crazy friend of mine said that drug dealers tend to start giving clients good material thats non-addictive. And by time, and one step at a time, they start givin them stronger s*** (ones that makes you addictive).

Is that true??
would certain types of drugs cause no addiction?
one last question: what do you guys think of Valium ??? :D:D:D

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Answer by duffdog
its all addictive tell your mate to stop chattin s hit or youl catch him with a right hook

Answer by Hello Che
I think that your friend is wrong. If you start doing drugs, you run the chance of developing a tolerance AND a dependency. It’s not that they start you off light and up the dosage. It’s that you start using and need more to chase the same high you had when you first began using.

Valium is addictive. It takes months for an addiction to develop, but yes, you can become addicted.

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  • bubbles:

    Drugs can be addictive to anyone, so can food. It depends on your personality, and whether you can be in control.. There are a few drugs I would never try…ie heroin because of the physical side effects. Many people have become hooked on valium but it does nothing for me. Be smart and careful.

  • keekle:

    Anything manmade is addicting. Nature didn’t intend it to be! ;P

  • sukhwinder b:

    Most of the drugs used to treat disease are non addictive. How can a chemist can give the addictive medicines without proper prescription. If you have any doubt ,you are very well show the m to your doctor, if the chemist has given drugs to make you addictive , he will be put in to task, he will remember for his whole life. No one has authority to play with human life.

  • the nothing:

    tell your friend he should start reading books and stop reading the internet…

    if a drug is addictive, you can’t just take the addictive properties out of it…

    There’s no such thing as unaddictive heroin.

    All drugs create some type of addictive property. Whether psychologically, physically, or even just making you look cool to your little school friends.

    Valium, like any drug is a chemical, and should not be put into your body unless you need it.

    Using chemicals in your body causes Parkinsons Disease and Alzheimers.

  • truvtgurl4706:

    All drugs r addictive

    and im speaking from experiences

    Valium is one of the worst. ive been doin it for about a year now and i can’t stop. dont get started in that

  • Brad:

    To be quite honest, the answer to your question depends on how you define “addiction”. Physical addiction, or to be more politically correct, physical dependence, is defined as the appearance of withdrawl symptoms upon discontinuation of use. Psychological addiction or dependence, on the other hand, is defined (loosely) as a dependency of the mind – where discontinuation of use would likely only cause mild mental withdrawl symptoms (ex: mentally craving the drug).

    Some common drugs that cause physical dependence are: Heroin, narcotic pain relievers, benzodiazapenes (sleep/anti-anxiety drugs), and some older sleeping medications (ie. Qualludes). Once a person has established a regimine of frequent use, cessation will likely cause a number of physical withdrawl symptoms such as pain, inability to sleep, nausea, discomfort – symptoms which will persist for a period of time unless one uses the drug again to prevent these symptoms.

    Some common drugs that cause psychological dependence are: marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms and LSD, and cocaine***. Upon cessation of any of these drugs the user will likely feel the desire to use again (a craving if you will) but will not experience any level of physical pain or discomfort.

    To answer your question more clearly, a drug dealer may begin by selling marijuana or mushrooms to a client, but then after a period of time suggest that the client try taking a Percocet (a narcotic painkiller) before smoking marijuana to intensify the experience. This may cause the user to begin actively seeking and using the newly introduced substance, and perhaps become physically addicted to it. Casual introduction from a drug dealers point of view is that of increased profits if the client begins to actively purchase the new drug as well.

    All drugs may cause some level of addiction, but the incidence of addiction is higher and more severe for some drugs than others. Hopefully this shed some insight into your question.

    Oh, and regarding Valium – done it before (don’t think that I know all this from doing research :P), pleasurable – yes, recommended – definately not. Valium is not considerably powerfull, and therefore may give the user a sense of comfortability in its use. Serious and debilitating addiction can, however, result, and therefore it is strongly recommended that those not prescribed the drug stay away… far far away.

    Trust me on this one.

    ***this fact is debateable