Are Certain Types of Drugs Non-Addictive???!!!?

Question by Aboodz: Are certain types of drugs non-Addictive???!!!?
One crazy friend of mine said that drug dealers tend to start giving clients good material thats non-addictive. And by time, and one step at a time, they start givin them stronger s*** (ones that makes you addictive).

Is that true??
would certain types of drugs cause no addiction?
one last question: what do you guys think of Valium ??? :D:D:D

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Answer by duffdog
its all addictive tell your mate to stop chattin s hit or youl catch him with a right hook

Answer by Hello Che
I think that your friend is wrong. If you start doing drugs, you run the chance of developing a tolerance AND a dependency. It’s not that they start you off light and up the dosage. It’s that you start using and need more to chase the same high you had when you first began using.

Valium is addictive. It takes months for an addiction to develop, but yes, you can become addicted.