Are “rehabs” Just Another Fancy Name for “Damage Control Centers”?

Question by oaksterdamhippiechick: Are “rehabs” just another fancy name for “damage control centers”?
Why the hell do public figures always cop out by blaming their “disease?”

Yeah I’m talking about Rush Limbaugh, Mel Gibson, Mark Foley & Bob Ney.

Cowards. Stop blaming alcohol and take responsibility for your actions. Contrary to what AA preaches, you are not so powerless.

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Answer by Great~Wolf

“rehab” is just a colliqual term for “rehabilitation”.

who the hell is AA?

Answer by peachykeenspeechy
Mel Gibson is a bigot. There’s not a rehab center for ignorance. I’m with you on this one for sure. Also, Mel was rather jumpy and shifty during his interview with Diane Sawyer. I didn’t appear as though he was successful in rehab/damage control center.

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