Are Teen Guys Really a “Victim” in This Sexual Scenario?

Question by Kianna: Are Teen guys really a “Victim” in this sexual scenario?

Im sure the guy enjoyed it.
@Things As…..You KNOW its different though!

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Answer by Joseph Black
Nope. I would have thoroughly enjoyed it.

What is the purpose of the law? To protect it’s citizens, no? What sense is there in criminalizing behavior that does not harm someone? Who is protected by such a law?

She would be considered an ephebophile. Pedophile means something entirely different.

Answer by Winning
That still doesn’t change the fact that she is a pedophile, they are underage, and it is against the law for a woman, no matter how beautiful, to have sex with underage boys.

That’s like saying Brad Pitt should be given a free rape card, just because women find him attractive. She gave them weed, alcohol, and had sex with them. All three of the things that she did can and will land a man in prison for years. They enjoyed it, sure, but the parents hired the woman to watch over the kids, not have sex with them. If you were a parent, and you sent your kids out to school, how would you feel if they had sex with their teachers who provided them weed? I’m not offended by your idea, but I do think the laws should treat people equally. If it’s wrong for men to do it, it should be wrong for women. If I can’t bone 14 year old girls, women shouldn’t be allowed the privilege to do so either. As for the victim thing, I highly doubt that anyone sees them as victims, per se. In fact, with people who think like you, I doubt anyone sees them as victims.