Are There Any Signs or Symptoms That Show That a Teenager Is Poorly Raised/abused? Will They Ever Mature?

Question by doing me: Are there any signs or symptoms that show that a teenager is poorly raised/abused? Will they ever mature?
It seems that many teenagers at my school (and the school is mostly composed of Hispanics and Afircan Americans) do not think with logic at all, not only that they think that drugs and alchohol and teen pregancy is good and always pull out the racist card for things that are clearly not racist and of course like to bully the one who thinks more “mature” and that’s what is running in their minds. Now I don’t know if their parents taught them this, as I am exposed to the modern culture and have witnessed kids drinking alchohol and doing all kinds of silly crap, but I know that it’s incorrect and so my parents taught me that way. but still I wonder if their parents give them the Idea of such, and if not, then who.

Sorry If i sound like an ignoramus for asking this. I am pretty upset
I happen to have more caucasian friends than hispanic or african american friends, as a side note. I respect all equally, but stuff like this upsets me

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Answer by Minnie
people are brought up in all kinds of ways. It doesn’t matter where they’re from, its just the way there parents decided to bring them up.

Drinking alcohol and ‘doing all kinds of silly crap’ could be their way out. From other peoples point of view, yeah they look silly, and immature. But we have no idea whats going on under the surface. If you know people like this, i think the best way to get your point across and learn to understand where other people are coming from is to help some of them. See if there is a group or charity or anything you can get involved in. Your opinion may change.

Hope i helped.

Answer by rainshine8012
There’s a difference between “abused” and “immature” and it sounds like the latter is what you’re seeing. I am African-American and I don’t any of what you mentioned (I actually HATE hearing the racist card pulled), but I consider myself poorly raised because most of my family is incompetant to say the least. Those kids you speak of may mature and they may not, but not all “rebellious” teens were poorly raised. I know a lot of kids who have very good/strict parents and behave like animals.

By the way, Caucasians are also guilty of what you mention. You may just not see them.

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