Are These Drug Abuse Sypmtoms…? Should I Maybe Get Her Tested?

Question by sketchist: are these drug abuse sypmtoms…? should i maybe get her tested?
we just recieved report cards and she is failing three classes! she is in 10th grade. she is very quiet but gtes angry easily. she has thretend to hit me. she is also a very good kid but lately things have been falling apart. she got suspended for stealing a teachers pocketbook. she sleeps in no paterns at all just randomly dozing off when needed. should i get her testeed?

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Answer by DIXIE
…the dozing off part is most likely a sign of opiate use if anything!!! …and that would also cause her to steal to support her habit because she will be ‘dope sick’ if she doesn’t get more!!!

Answer by Betty M
..Yes, these sadly are a few of the worst symptoms of drug and/or alcohol abuse..It sounds also like she has been doing them for awhile as most don’t start off stealing. They begin doing this when they have actually become addicted, need the drug to just function, and to feed their habit…Keep in mind the way she is behaving is from the usage, not who she is but what she has become..Yes, get her tested but she probably will not go, even rebel against this on her own so make it as discreet as possible, either through a urine sample or blood work..Get her into a rehab also as soon as possible and hopefully you will have saved her from the worst possible life style there is…My heart goes out to you and brought back memories of myself having gone through this with my own children, now adults..Take care..

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One Response to “Are These Drug Abuse Sypmtoms…? Should I Maybe Get Her Tested?”

  • The darkness:

    In all honesty it could well be. The big red flag I see here is how it seems random and out of character. Ask her whats going on and say that if it is drugs, then it’s obvious she can’t manage them, and how it’s out of control since it affects adversely what she REALLY needs to focus on. If nothing changes then relationships, jobs and her general sense of well being is going to become affected, and if it isn’t drugs then what the hell is it that seems so wrong.

    By the way, be a bit careful about how you go about it, as you’re probably not doing any favours if she gets in trouble with the police. Turning her in would mess up her opportunities in later life, and turn her against you. I used to live with someone who rehabilitated people like this. He was very successful when everyone else had given up. His methods were to have have no tolerance to their attictions but to respect them for everything else that was unrelated and this built up their trust so they would be open. When they slipped up he would be harsher than the police would ever be, but since he thought so much about their future even helping them with finding work they respected this and conformed and almost always keep in contact in years to come.