'Drunk Gene' in Mice May Lead to Treatment for Humans

'Drunk Gene' in Mice May Lead to Treatment for Humans
Three or more drunk mice may yield clues to why some people struggle with alcohol abuse and others don't. Scientists in Britain have discovered a gene mutation that regulates alcohol consumption and identified the mechanism that made the critters tipsy.
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A&E departments treat children for effects of alcohol
Dr Russell McLaughlin said: "There are a lot of other issues that go along with alcohol intoxication in adolescence such as injury, hazardous behaviour, and it makes them more likely to be the victim of a crime, makes them more likely to perpetrate a …
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Nurse was so drunk she had to be treated in her own A&E department after
A nurse who was so drunk on duty she had to be treated by her own accident and emergency department has been struck off. Sheila Fletcher had taken a wine box on to her ward and did not notice she had cut herself when she smashed a bottle of medicine …
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