“Identify the Psychological Constructs of Substance Abuse” HUH?

Question by blackcheri32: “Identify the psychological constructs of substance abuse” HUH?
Maybe Im tired…but what is this question even asking? psychological constructs are basically terms, right? So what is this asking me to do? to identify psychology terms related to substance abuse? i don’t get it…..pleas ehelp!

thank you!

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Answer by psy1on1
Roughly translated, the question is, Why do you think that you need drugs? Identify = list/name. Psychological constructs = thought processes. Substance abuse = drug addiction. When you take a chemical for a period of time (the stronger the chemical – the shorter the time), your body becomes used to it being in your system and when it’s not, your body craves it. Name the thought processes of drug addiction.

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