“Prevention” What Can We Do to Help Stop Rape?

Question by Structure: “Prevention” What can we do to help stop rape?
What are some myths and realities about rape? What men should understand about rape. Prevention methods.

Best answer:

Answer by d962831
in my opinion the best way to stop it is extremely stiff and humiliating penalties for it.

Answer by ~dance~
It’s a violent crime, not a sexual act…a power trip for these sickos.
I totally agree with the above anwer that we need much stiffer penalties for violent crimes. As a woman, it’s common sense to avoid certain places/situations. I’m aware of my surroundings @ all times & don’t place myself in certain situations where I could be attacked or overpowered.

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5 Responses to ““Prevention” What Can We Do to Help Stop Rape?”

  • Keith:

    Make it a Capital Offense.

  • kmpskatergrl:

    not go with people we dont kmow and never leave yor drinks alone answer my question too!!!

  • Italian Man Man Man:

    Just take the lord’s word and don’t do these things

  • Hui Meng C:

    Parent play a important part in teaching their children about the correct way of control themselves,or not,they who found problem need to be observe clearly,religion can help them to control their behavior.usally those who rape,either they have the wrong way of doing sex in their childhood,or they are hurt by women,or they have anger such like anti social that cannot burst out,or they have bad character that what they want the force to get,if they fail,thay may rape women or they have aloud satan to enter their heart,keep away from them,and report to polis when they have sigh to hurt you.

  • tammynashton:

    I know that this may sound sick to some people but I heard this when I was a little younger, Actually about the guy that did it to me and I thought its a very good way to at least make the man pause first. Put the man in a barn nail his pecker to a stump or board leave a knife with him and set it on fire he will have the choose cut it off or die. I know I know your thinking I am crazy and maybe I am but hey do you really think he would do it again?