Why Do We Send Drug Addicts and Pedophiles…..?

Question by : Why do we send drug addicts and Pedophiles…..?
to jail? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not justifying their actions. But, they both have a mental disorder. Sending them to Prison won’t help them, they need help from Professionals. Sending them to Prison without getting them a Psychologist, won’t help anyone. It would only keep people and maybe (keyword: Maybe) themselves safe. Most Pedophiles aren’t violent, and many drug addicts aren’t violent either. I know there are sadistic Pedophiles and very destructive drug addicts. But, we send these sick people to prison, put them at risk of getting killed by other inmates, but we don’t even get them help. Pedophilia isn’t a choice, and Drug Addiction isn’t always a choice either, or they weren’t thinking straight. We need to only send Sadistic and Violent Pedophiles, and Drug Dealers to prison.
-Philmore – I’ve read up in quite a bit of places, that despite people wanting to castrate a Pedophile. Sexuality is more mental then physical, Castration won’t take away the attraction. If they molest children, you’d only make it worse for the child because they would insert different objects that wasn’t designed for it.

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Answer by SSS
You’re right. The non-violent ones need psychological treatment.

Answer by megan
It’s a nice idea until you realize a few things:

1) The jails, being as crowded as they are, are a true indication that we don’t even have enough professionals out there to treat these people
2) Many of these people do not want to be treated, and they refuse or don’t respond to it.
3) Different type of criminals have a repeat-offense statistic (there’s a word for it, don’t remember what it is…) and child molesters have the highest rate of this.

If you have someone who molests children and doesn’t want to stop, no amount of treatment would stop them and it would be a waste of tax dollars. Also, non-violent crimes can be just as detrimental as violent crime. Sure, it’s easy to say that someone who molests children needs psychological help, and it’s easy to say that a drug addict needs serious intervention, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere between the problems that can be fixed and the problems that they inflict upon society. Someone who molests children may be psychologically damaged, but you can’t risk that person hurting more children.

edit: Also, the person below me had a good point but I wanted to add to it. Pedophilia does not mean that a person molests children. It means that they have a sexual attraction towards children, and that does not necessarily mean that they give in to it. There are a lot of people who are like this and they display a level of self-control that a child molester does not. If you ask me, if you molest a child, you’ve branded yourself for life and you aren’t changing… in the same way that a rapist will always be a rapist. Why give someone like that treatment?

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