Why Isn’t OxyContin a Legal Recreational Drug?

Question by The Intellectual: Why isn’t OxyContin a legal recreational drug?
People treat marijuana lightly because the statement that it’s not addictive and they say it’s safe. However, it’s been proven that smoking marijuana can cause lung cancer.

Why is OxyContin considered dangerous? Sure it’s addictive, but it can’t cause cancer – so what’s the big deal? It actually is proven to relieve pain. Sure you can overdose, but you have to consume ALOT to do that.

It’s common knowledge that OxyContin can give a euphoric high.

Why don’t they legalize OxyContin for recreational purposes, and tax it like alcohol and tobacco? It’s less dangerous than both of them.


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Answer by ?
The drug companies are making enough money off of it as a prescribed medication.

Answer by hebb
I agree that the use of drugs should not be illegal but I do not agree that Oxycontin is not dangerous. It is very addictive. I had surgery a few years ago and used Norco (hydrocodone) for a week or so and got a taste of the unpleasant effects that happen when you withdraw. I do not ever want to go through that again. I feel very fortunate that I did not use it any longer than I did. But I still agree with you that it should be a choice and not mandated by the government.

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