How Will Losing All Family Support Effect a Drug Addict?

Question by Dennis: How will losing all family support effect a drug addict?
I know you need to cut druggies off unless they get help but what happens if you also treat them like you hate them?

My brother is on Meth and he did a lot of horrible things to our family over the years. When our Mom passed away I finally retaliated and did a lot of horrible things to him. To be honest though it didn’t make me feel any better.

I am wondering what losing all family support will do to a drug addict?

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Answer by Amber B
thats hard. i have never been in that situation. But family support is very strong and if my sister was doing drugs i would do everything i could to help her quit and see what she is doing to her life and how she is effecting everyone else. but you also have to understand what there going through too. Good Luck 🙂

Answer by Daily.Bullsh
well, i know my ex had a problem with different drugs but drinking was the major one. his family cut him off and it seemed it got worse. he tried to commit suicide 3 different times, once by OD, once by hanging and another time by OD on flexril (sp?) i found out towards the end of our relationship that it was a cry for help and all he wanted was his family to tell him that they loved him and was there for him.

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