Don't Die Early, Come to Utah

Don't die early, come to Utah
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a study that looked at each state in terms of the five leading… Causes of Drug Abuse – Yahoo Results


Reducing the risk of addiction
Removing unused, expired medication from the home Causes of Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


MediSwipe, Inc. Announces Approval of Charlotte's Web Legislation by Florida House and Senate as Company Seeks Top …
MediSwipe, Inc.   , a fully reporting company on the OTCQB, a leader in the Compassionate Care Industry which provides technology and business solutions, today announced that the Florida Senate passed … Causes of Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake Closing Allentown Office

Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake closing Allentown office
For 28 years, the downtown Allentown office of the Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake Unit was the first place many people visited to find release from the grip of substance abuse. More than 3,000 people a year would go to the modest offices on …
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Mountainside Treatment Center Tackles Sharp Rise in Connecticut Heroin Abuse
Heroin abuse is an urgent health crisis that has Connecticut in its grip, with heroin addiction currently ranking second behind alcohol as the reason people seek substance abuse treatment. Mountainside treatment center has long been on the front lines …
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9 Investigates: Drug Rings Pushing Prescription Drugs in Your Neighborhood

9 Investigates: Drug rings pushing prescription drugs in your neighborhood
Prescription drug abuse is now officially being called an epidemic.   "When the CDC says it's an epidemic in America, it shows that at the highest level it's become an issue," SBI Special Agent Donnie Varnell said.   Varnell leads the SBI's Diversion and Environmental Crimes Unit.  A part of his team's job is to investigate prescription drug diversion and fraud cases.  Diversion is when … Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


Prescription abuse skyrocketing, leading to more heroin addicts, experts say
— Prescription drug abuse in the Bay Area and nationwide is a growing problem, outpacing illegal drugs and creating a new generation of heroin addicts, law enforcement, public health officials and substance abuse specialists said during a regional summit Wednesday. Drug Abuse – Yahoo News Search Results


I-Team: Drug Addict Roamed Hospital for Days, Police Say

I-Team: Drug addict roamed hospital for days, police say
LAS VEGAS – A drug addict roamed around Summerlin hospital for four days before employees finally stopped him, according to a police report obtained by the I-Team. Metro police say a former hospital employee with a drug habit was so desperate for his …
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The Daily Love Founder Mastin Kipp Talks Overcoming Drug Addiction
"In Hollywood, there's a certain type of lifestyle that comes up – sex, drugs, and rock and roll – and it was a lot of fun, until it wasn't a lot of fun," he told HuffPost Live's Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani. "Some people have Starbucks," he continued …
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Are Parole Officers Allowed to Do This?

Question by : Are parole officers allowed to do this?
I live with friend who is on parole earlier today her parole officer stopped in on a surprise visit and said that she needed to search the house. They went though her stuff as well as mine which is no problem. What bothers me is when the entered my room where I was at the officer frisked me which was a bit embarrassing.
My question is: are they allowed to search me like that?
My friend is on parole and 1 of her charges was a drug charge could that be why the frisked me?

Best answer:

Answer by ladystang
don’t think so. why did they search your stuff?

Bruneian Malays Majority in Drug Abuse Cases. Meth and Cannabis Top Choices Among Offenders

Bruneian Malays Majority in Cases. Meth and Cannabis Top Choices Among Offenders
BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN: The number of arrests related to drug trafficking and drug abuse has increased to almost fifty per cent in 2013 compared to 2012, with record breaking six hundred and seventy nine arrests were made last year compared to four hundred and fifty in 2012. From the figure, five hundred and seventy were men while women made up the rest of the statistics. Drug Abuse Statistics – Yahoo News Search Results


Drug prevention program May 14
MOSES LAKE – A mock crash – that includes a mock arrest for driving under the influence – will be among the activities during the eighth annual Community Partnership Against Drug Abuse, scheduled for May 14 at Big Bend Community College. Drug Abuse Statistics – Yahoo News Search Results