Are Parole Officers Allowed to Do This?

Question by : Are parole officers allowed to do this?
I live with friend who is on parole earlier today her parole officer stopped in on a surprise visit and said that she needed to search the house. They went though her stuff as well as mine which is no problem. What bothers me is when the entered my room where I was at the officer frisked me which was a bit embarrassing.
My question is: are they allowed to search me like that?
My friend is on parole and 1 of her charges was a drug charge could that be why the frisked me?

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Answer by ladystang
don’t think so. why did they search your stuff?

Answer by fmaster9796
When on parole, your friend as well as her car, residence, or area of immediate control can be searched at any time by any peace officer. If your friend has access to your room, your room can be searched. It’s very common for roommates to hide drugs for parolee roommates and the parole officer knows that. They’ll search your room every time they do a parole check on her unless you can prove your friend doesn’t have access to it.

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